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July 3, 2015


BRAND on price labels

Facebook is without doubt one of the leading and most popular social platforms today. Given its diverse audience, it is extremely likely that a vast majority of your potential clients are on Facebook. This makes it one of the most important places for legal practices to market their practice brand. Here are a few things that can help build brand recognition on this vibrant social platform.

Optimize your Facebook page

  • Impress with your cover photo.
  • Try to include a tagline on the cover photo indicating an obvious advantage of liking your page.
  • Optimize your “About” section with relevant keywords as Google indexes this section and also because your “About” section carries information about your brand.
  • Connect with your Target Audience

  • Interact with your audience.
  • Encourage them to post questions and comments on the page; provide answers that help build your expertise.
  • Like and comment on other business pages.
  • You can also like another page as your page and leave a comment on posts that you like. When you do this there is every possibility that they will be more willing to return in kind.
  • Plan and Execute a Content Strategy

  • Create and post content that is highly relevant and of value to your reading audience.
  • Mix and match your content posts; you can post tips, funny content, photos, links, or industry news.
  • Plan a posting schedule and maintain that schedule.
  • Use Audience Insight to Understand your Page Likes

  • Audience Insights is a free tool that can be accessed through Facebook Ad Manager.
  • You can gain insight into vital important such as age, gender, lifestyle, relationship status, social status, job titles, level of education among other such criteria.
  • Get Creative with Facebook Contests

  • Organize and host a social media contest and offer discount/coupons, tickets to events or any other useful and fun gifts.
  • Give your brand a boost by teaming up with a local charity to show support for a community outreach program.
  • Feel free to contact us on 877-249-9666 with any question you may have regarding HOW TO BUILD BRAND VISIBILITY . To learn more and review your online marketing efforts complimentarily contact us today.

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