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September 21, 2015


CONTENT FOR YOUR TARGET AUDIENCECreating high quality content is a big challenge for any brand. However, high quality content is still the most effective way to market your legal brand and as such you cannot go about it haphazardly. The fact that even big brands and B2Bs are now using quality content to marketing their brands only serves to further highlight the importance of creating quality content as a way to connect with your target audience.
Simply producing content will not nail it. If your content does not satisfy the needs of your audience your conversion rate is only going to get lower. Everything you produce needs to be stellar – it needs to stand out and encourage audience engagement and interaction if possible.
Here are a few tactics that will make it easier for you to write quality content that will attract and engage your reading audience.

How well do you know your Reading Audience?

Don’t look at your clients simply as demographic stats. If you truly want to attract and engage with your audience you need to first understand them. Anytime you put up a post on your blog or social platforms, encourage your readers to provide their views or to air their opinions. You can also ask them about the kind of content they would like to read, or about topics and issues that are of particular interest to them. Provide answers to their burning questions and chances are they will come back for more. Content that provides in-depth answers can prove to be hugely popular with your target reading audience.

Focus on Keyword Research and Use Attractive Titles

Keyword research can prove to be very useful in gaining insight into what people are talking about or responding to and sharing. Post Hummingbird, many marketing experts raised the question about whether or not keyword research was important. However, what you need to know is that the Hummingbird update does not in any way lower the need for keywords. What it does is optimize how the actual search query is processed. This is why you still need to know what kind of language your target audience is using regardless of the fact that Google might reword the query before sending it to the index servers. Also don’t forget to test your titles if you want to keep your audiences hooked. Make it attractive and be sure to include your primary keyword in your titles.

Optimize your content

Once you have created your content, you need to optimize it prior to publishing. This is where On-page SEO comes in; if you have written your piece on a trending user query, there is a high chance that your content would already include semantic keywords and concepts. Still wondering where to start? Think or identity a particular service or product that is of great use to your audience and address questions about that area in your posts. You can also enhance your content with interesting visual media such as like videos as it helps boost audience interest and adds to the share potential of your posts.

To build SEO traction for your content, focus on the following;

  • Provide clear Meta descriptions.
  • Work in links to internal pages as this will keep your reader on your site longer.
  • Break your piece under sub-headings and include different keywords and their variants for each sub-heading.
  • Include links to authoritative sites.
  • Make sure your images are optimized with descriptive ALT text.
  • Keep an Eye on your Competition

    If you want to survive in a highly competitive space you need to be aware of your competition. Identify areas and topics that interest your competitor’s audience. This will allow you to rework your own content and also make it easier for you to understand the kind of content that will interest your own target audience. Understanding what works or is working for your competition will also provide you with a clear understanding of what is trending within your industry. It also allows you to identify key players active within your industry niche. All of this information can be useful in optimizing your own marketing strategy and SEO practices.

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