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September 28, 2015


Working-manThe most important aspect of running a successful legal practice involves around building positive brand impressions. The kind of value your brand delivers and how well you are able to communicate that value to your target audience play a crucial role in brand reputation.

Building brand value for your legal practice is the key to success. Here are a few things to keep in mind;

  • Use all your digital marketing platforms which include your practice website, legal blog, social and review sites to build brand exposure.
  • Customize communication with your clients through your monthly email newsletters.
  • Talk about issues and areas of interest that are of importance or concern your clients.
  • Build social groups and actively share information with your social audience; regularly feature interesting and useful content.
  • Make sure you recognize and reward your brand advocates – offer them attractive offers, discounts, or gift-cards.
  • Identify ways in which you can add value to your client relationships – first access to new content or first access to new services and products or top priority in scheduling consultations are just some of the ways to show your appreciation.
  • Focus on Client Satisfaction

    Optimizing your client satisfaction journey is vitally important when it comes to creating positive brand impressions.

  • Train your legal practice staff to be warm and friendly.
  • Focus on stellar client experience and interaction right from the first point of contact to the time they walk out of your office.
  • Streamline client intake; work on optimizing workloads by scheduling complex cases and easy cases on specific days or during morning/post lunch hours.
  • Make sure your intake forms can be easily downloaded and filled out.
  • Make sure you schedule consultations in a way that does not require clients to wait too long at your office.
  • Re-look your Legal Practice Office Operations

    Maximizing revenue flow is the number one business goal of any legal practice. However, more often than not, legal practices find that their expenses are eating into their revenue flow.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to ensure your revenue flow is not adversely impacted by your practice expenses;

  • Scrutinize your recurring costs – make sure you are not spending over and above your budget.
  • Re-look your software and hardware expenses – if you can find cheaper or cost-effective alternatives/service providers go ahead and use it or them.
  • Reach out to older clients or any one-time clients you might have had –try to bring them back by offering special discounts or easy access to new services.
  • Identify ways in which you can improve staff performance – build a positive working environment for your staff by motivating them and recognizing the value they bring to your practice.
  • Summary

    Running a successful legal practice in a highly competitive marketplace takes time and strategic planning. By focusing on high-impact areas such as the online reputation of your legal practice brand, revenue flow, and optimized client service experience legal practices can easily achieve sustainability in the long-term.

    Feel free to contact us on 877-249-9666 with any question you may have regarding LEGAL PRACTICE SUCCESS. To learn more and review your online marketing efforts complimentarily contact us today.

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