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What Are We Different

We are proud that 95% of our earliest clients still work with us. Our services are one of a kind that they are not only happy with our services, but they also recommend Dominate LAW to other professionals who are seeking online marketing services. We do not look for a short, agreement based relationship with our clients like other firms. We look at building solid relationshps and partnerships that last a lifetime. The loyalty of our clients and our sustainable commitment sets us apart from other online marketing firms.

Exclusive Focus

We at Dominate LAW are completely dedicated towards serving lawyers who want to grow their firms. Our specialization in this field and exclusive focus places us above other online marketing service providers.

Personalized Service

All our teams (creative, technical, and marketing) are experienced and well trained. They strive to provide personalized services and a rewarding experience to every client and to help meet their goals. We understand that every attorneys marketing needs are unique. We deliver effective customized solutions through personalized engagement.

Comprehensive Solutions

We at Dominate CPA strive to provide the full range of online marketing solutions from a solid website design and orginal content development to search engine optimization and social media marketing and reputation management.

Dedicated Commitment to Every Client

We value every relationship! We look at every client as a long-term partner and we strive to cultivate a relationship of complete commitment and trust. All our teams work towards one focus - to deliver the most effective customized SEO and marketing solutions for each client, and exceed the clients expectations with outstanding results.

At any given point of time, at least 12 people from our teams, (writers, client coordinators, SEO specialist, Client coach and managers, editors, auditors, ROI specialist, etc.) are dedicatively working on a individual clients website,

Exceptional Features

  • We do not charge a start-up fee.
  • We will not provide fully template based website designs.
  • Every solution for clients are tailored to suit their unique marketing needs.
  • We deliver outstanding and innovative solutions including web hosting, call tracking, infographic designs, social media banners, audio and video recording features, newsletters, forms, etc.
Our story is best told in the words of our past and present clients. This highlights the real difference between Dominate CPA and other online marketing service providers. To know more about us take a quick glance at our client testimonials and give us a call on 877-249-9666 if you are ready to take your firm to the next level of success."

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