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The host of Dominate Law has a long history of helping professionals thrive. With background in IT and marketing, Naren Arulrajah set out to try things no one had done before, and to improve upon the ideas and methods of others. Along the way, he experienced a number of setbacks and disappointments. Naren, though, isn’t the kind to give up easily. He quickly learned that by enthusiastically drawing in other talent, his successes were multiplied and shared.
For more than a decade, Naren has been applying that formula to help his legal, medical, dental, consulting, and coaching clients define where they want to be . . . and get there! This philosophy pertains to much more than making money. It also aids clients in discovering work-life balance and personal fulfillment.
Naren is founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing. This innovative organization provides a broad range of services that make the lives of busy professionals easier and their practices more rewarding :
  • Website design, deployment, hosting, and management
  • Search engine optimization
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media & Mobile marketing
  • Reputation management/consumer reviews
  • Video, podcast, and infographic marketing
  • ROI and usage analytics
  • Brainstorm with Naren – his unique reward for charitable giving
Naren Arulrajah
His thought leadership is shared through regular contribution to leading trade journals and in a series of e-books with focused marketing strategies. In 2014, AceTech Ontario honored Naren with their Leadership Initiative Award.
Dominate Law is one of Naren’s recent creations. This audio (podcast) series shares the insight of leaders in the legal field and business experts to inspire law professionals. The platform is also an opportunity for motivated individuals to share their ideas and promote their authority in the industry, as featured podcast presenters.
Naren is known as one of the most accessible entrepreneurial leaders, readily available for one-on-one appointments, calls, and messaging. Contact him today at to learn more about how you can benefit from participation in Dominate Law.
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